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  • Mutiara Bela

    Mutiara Bela

  • Desiree Peralta

    Desiree Peralta

    Turning ideas into reality. Programmer by profession, Writer by passion. Finance and self-development advice. | Get a weekly money advice:

  • Firman Hanafi

    Firman Hanafi

  • Ascencia Fike

    Ascencia Fike

    Writer and marketer from Indonesia. Find more of me at or twitter: @ascenciafike

  • Raymond Chin

    Raymond Chin

    Co-Founder at Ternak Uang • VP Product & Growth at FITCO • Chairman at • All about driving Innovations through product and growth

  • Clarissa Maria

    Clarissa Maria

  • Ferdinand Chandra

    Ferdinand Chandra

    Opinionated Frontend Developer

  • Aurelia Vizal

    Aurelia Vizal

    A 19-year-old sleepyhead and an avid noodle lover. I rant, therefore I am.

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